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Think of beliefs in two different categories... Those that may be holding you back, limiting your success in life and those that have allowed you to excel, to take action, and to prosper.

Comparison Chart

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If you truly dig deep inside of yourself, will the things that make you happy and hopeful allow you to see what your true purpose is? Do this simple exercise to see what is realty vs. totally fufilled. 

Fun Goal Sheet

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These may be wishes you had as a child—things that you want to happen over the next couple of years. These are important to you, but they are more fun than serious

Great Day Sheet

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Without limiting beliefs, you will not only dream about these accomplishments, but you can also make them happen. So picture the day as if everything you dream about is going to happen. The key is to begin with the end in mind

Master Goal Sheet

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Write down everything that comes to mind—without limits. Reach deep inside of you and dream like you’re a kid again. Think how these goals would make you feel and find the reason why you want them. Don’t hold back.

Visualize It Worksheet

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Take a second and visualize yourself waking up tomorrow. Imagine yourself waking up with a new, vibrant attitude, no matter what happened the day before.

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